Alternative Definition #3


Late Summer Sun by Nik Harron








Inspired by the lectures of Jeffrey Yuen and a discussion on Daoist acupuncture:

An alternative definition for Heaven:

Heaven: rays of sunlight which cause the transformation of life.

An Alternative Definition #2

Study of Hands by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Study of Hands by Henry Ossawa Tanner


Inspired by the lectures of Emilie Conrad and a discussion on Tibetan medicine:

An alternative definition for Health:

Health: that which suits you.

Love as the Felt Sense of Heat

The anatomical heart has a natural tendency to dilate (expand). If it weren’t contained by the pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart), it would expand into the whole chest cavity. This might explain that sense of openness that we feel when our heart gets inspired, has a sense of wonder over something, or expresses and feels love.

Love, in craniosacral therapy, is defined as the “felt sense of heat” in the body (Michael Shea). There are no emotions in the body, just visceral responses, and love, in the body, is felt through the generation of heat.

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