Alternative Definition #3


Late Summer Sun by Nik Harron








Inspired by the lectures of Jeffrey Yuen and a discussion on Daoist acupuncture:

An alternative definition for Heaven:

Heaven: rays of sunlight which cause the transformation of life.

Each Part Influences

Northern Hemisphere by John Pinkerton


Each different part influences and is influenced by the others. If a part of a system changes, the environment surrounding that part becomes altered, reshaping itself in response to the change. As the environment is reshaped, the part itself as well as the surrounding parts must adapt to the change in the environment, initiating yet another change. This pattern continues such that the part(s) and the environment are in constant flux. Therefore, regardless of whether it is the environment that begins a change or a part(s), if one part of any system changes the other components of that system must inherently follow.

The above dynamic is applicable to everything, including relationships. A common theme of discussion in my office is stress, and a lot of the stress that is talked about results from difficult relationship dynamics. The main focus tends to be: why won’t this person in my life change? It can be: change behavior, change lifestyle, change attitude, change language, change habits, etc. I often find myself saying, you either accept them for who they are as they are now or you decide to change.

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